Resurrection Catholic School’s administration and staff welcome you back to begin what is envisioned to be a banner year in our school’s history. As vacations end, hopefully you are rested, ready and eager to embark upon this school year with real anticipation and enthusiasm.

Your early years in school are among the most exciting. This is the time for you to set goals for your life as a life-long learner. What you desire for your life will determine how much you put into your educational experience. Greatness starts with a dream. I invite you to dream about the mission and purpose of your life. Each of you is created for a special purpose known by God. Your discovery of this purpose will be born out of your dedication to strive for excellence in your faith life and sharing your gifts with the world.

Our school exists to not only educate you but to nurture your individual giftedness and spiritual development. Know that you are destined for great things. The only stumbling block will be your own lack of drive to develop to your highest potential. Give your best to your studies. Cooperate with all of your teachers even those younger than yourself. Seek only the positive. Strive to be the very best you can be. Above all, love God with your whole heart, mind, and soul. Live out that expression of love in how you treat, think and speak to everyone you meet.
This site contains information that will structure our educational experience together. May the rules and practices outlined in this booklet serve as a roadmap to excellence. Good luck as you embark on a marvelous year of discovery.

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